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Comm Cons School District 168 - Sauk Village, Illinois - Public School District

Phone - 708-758-1610
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Comm Cons School District 168 School District

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Comm Cons School District 168 Reviews

from: Taneesha C Marion | submitted: May 10, 2011
If you want your children to enter into the wild wild west then send them to Rickover jr. High. The children have no restaint and the teachers are fearful thus allowing the kids to bully others kids that are there to learn. The priciple uses big words to make you think he cares or is intelligent however does not make since in his mild attempts to gain control.

Comm Cons School District 168 School District Data
County of Location: Cook
Number of Schools in This District: 3
Student/Teacher ratio: 18.9
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 1,772
Total Males: 906
Total Females: 866
American Indian Students: 4
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 5
African Americans: 1,108
Hispanic: 195
White: 460
Total Staff: 109
Fulltime Teachers: 94
Ungraded Teachers: 11
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 4
Kindergarten Teachers: 4
Elementary Teachers: 75
Secondary Teachers: 0
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 1
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 0
Total Guidance Counselors: 1
LEA Administrators: 3
School Administrators: 5
LEA Admin Support Staff:
School Admin Support Staff:
Student Support Services Staff: 6
Other Support Staff:
Library Media Support Staff:
Librarians Media Specialists: 0
Instructional Aides - Total:
Instructional Coordinators: 0

Comm Cons School District 168 School District Headquarters Map